Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Blog Is Being Shut Down

Temporarily, this blog is being shut down. Tuesday evening, at 10:09 PM, my dad passed away, after suffering a massive heart attack. I don't have the inclination to run this blog, my other blog, take care of my mom, and homeschool all at the same time. One of them has to go, at least temporarily, and this is it.

I will be back periodically, especially over important issues and the election. Please don't take this as a personal snub, but my mom, husband, and daughter all come first.

Mom knew my dad ever since she was 5 years old, and that's a long time. That is more than a lifetime, knowing each other for 63 years.

My dad also cheated death in 1965, after having a head-on collision on the Kosciusko Bridge in NY. Mom had to deal with two babies, me and dad, as he had to relearn how to do everything in order to live.

Here we are at the West End Fair last year.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Obama Rally At ESU

Article here

"With two weeks to go, Sen. Barack Obama is knocking on the door of a major political upset in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary," Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said in a statement.

Pollsters have noted Obama's strong support among both black and young voters.

"I cannot recall another candidate in the past couple of decades that had such consistent support from young people," Scott Keeter, director of survey research for the Pew Research Center, told the Associated Press.

On Tuesday, Obama's supporters appealed to the idealism of young voters. Audrey Hocker, executive director of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Political Action League who is on the ballot as an Obama delegate, likened the civil rights movement she experienced 40 years ago to the efforts now afoot for Obama.

"I heard a clarion call for change similar to what I'm hearing right now," she said. "Bring change on every level to this nation — ring a bell, tell a friend, call a relative."

Young voters at the rally who supported Obama said they did so because of their perceptions of him and his candidacy, as much as for his positions.

"I think our country is in need of change," said Mark Blanco, 23, a senior majoring in sociology and criminal justice. He said he was most concerned about the economy and the affordability of college, and that Obama's candidacy was moving him to vote in a national election for the first time.

These statements prove the lack of intelligence among many of our young people at these liberal colleges.

How blacks can possibly support him is beyond me, when he is in partnership with PP. You know, that racist organization that was founded by Margaret Sanger. The one who called blacks "inferior", not to mention the eugenics program she founded (currently PP).

I've confronted some of these young people on these issues, and noted their pro-life counterparts argument against Obama. They're blinded by the "change" movement.

Let's pray the pro-life young people will offset this stupidity.

Embryonic Stem Cells Research Not Successful

While pro-life advocates have repeated the mantra for years that embryonic stem cell research hasn't helped a single patient while adult stem cells have already been used in humans afflicted with dozens of diseases, a leading scientist in England is beginning to admit defeat.

Lord Patel of Dunkeld, the chairman of the UK National Stem Cell Network and a chancellor at Dundee University, says embryonic stem cell research is simply not working.

He conceded in an interview with the Scotsman newspaper that the controversial science may never deliver new treatments for diseases.

"In terms of embryonic stem cell therapy, there is currently no such therapy that is available in a large number of patients," he said.

Patel also admitted scientists may never be able to overcome the hurdles -- such as the development of tumors or immune syndrome rejection issues -- that plague embryonic stem cell research and make it risky in humans.

Haven't we been saying this all along? Do these "scientists" think they will get away with research for much longer, when it's clear adult stem cells have been a proven success?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PR Letter To The Editor

A letter as it appeared in the Pocono Record, April 7, 2008:

Editor, the Record:

I would like to respond to the general misconception, often represented on this page, that all Democrats support abortion rights. I do not personally support abortion, and by all means do not support the death penalty. State sanctified murder is still just that — murder. Oddly enough, those very individuals who decry a woman's right to choose, fully support the death of innocent soldiers in a war based on lies.

Those of us against the war are often labeled "unpatriotic" or worse yet, "stupid." Often, contributors to this page are very selective in their morality. It would seem that some believe they have the divine power to tell others what to think. Furthermore, it is arrogant to stereotype people into one group, one that supports a specific political viewpoint. That Marine motto, Semper fi, can be said by all who love this country, not just a select few.

Not only is the letter writer completely incorrect, but so are some of the commentators on this letter.

I would never compare the life of a soldier who volunteered and chose as his/her profession to that of an unborn child. The soldier is trained, and is getting paid by our government to perform a service. Part of the job description is the possibility of being killed. If he/she didn't bargain for such a high price, then that person should not have signed on for what they wanted to be an "easy ride". You can't have your cake and eat it too, which is why military service should never be taken lightly.

As to the wacko comments of the pro-death crowd to this letter: yes, abortion is legal, but it ain't staying that way! Look at the age of the pro-life crowd, and the number of young med students who refuse to perform abortions. This holocaust will be over sooner than you think.

One Year Anniversary Of Mexico City Legalized Abortion

While 6,400 little lives have been snuffed out in the course of the year, 3,100 were saved. Twenty-two women were injured, and 8 died as a result of their abortions.

Does this sound like responsible "reproductive choices" for women? I don't think so.

Pope Says Church Must Minister To Post-Abortive Women

Who do these women turn to, during their suffering after an abortion? The pro-life movement, as they've been abandoned by the so-called pro-choicers. The women need to be treated with respect and dignity, not laughed at or told to "get over it".

It's no wonder many of them become pro-life after their abortions.

NRLC Supports John McCain

NRLC officials said pro-life voters should be very concerned about an Obama or Clinton presidency.

"Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton have strong positions and voting records in favor of abortion on demand and strongly support the appointment of only U.S. Supreme Court Justices who favor Roe v. Wade," the pro-life group explained.

Those differences are so significant and will affect so many lives of women and unborn children that NRLC officials told supporting McCain made perfect sense.

The pro-life group says its political action committee will now work overtime to educate voters about the sharp contrast between McCain and his pro-abortion rivals.

While NRLC and McCain agree on stopping abortions, the Arizona senator has differed with the pro-life group on the issues of embryonic stem cell research and campaign finance reform.

National Right to Life strongly opposes any scientific research that destroys human life and wanted more free speech protections in the campaign finance bill McCain sponsored.

While McCain has voted to support embryonic stem cell research funding, he has recently indicated he is open to alternatives that don't involve the destruction of human life.

His campaign has also indicated he strongly opposes the purposeful creation of human embryos for their destruction and has backed a ban on both forms of human cloning.

I'm glad to read McCain is open to the alternatives of embryo destruction. I'm still a little leery, because of his voting record and support of embryonic stem cell research. I hope he does a 180, and goes against such horrific "research".

Friday, April 4, 2008

Newborn DNA Belongs To Government

An Orwellian plan that has state and federal governments staking claim to the ownership of every newborn's DNA in perpetuity is advancing under the radar of most privacy rights activists, but would turn the United States' citizenry into a huge pool of subjects for involuntary scientific experimentation, according to one organization alarmed over the issue.

"We now are considered guinea pigs, as opposed to human beings with rights," Twila Brase, president of the the Citizens' Council on Health Care, a Minnesota-based organization familiar with the progress in that state.

She warned ultimately, such DNA databases could spark the next wave of demands for eugenics, the concept of improving the human race through the control of various inherited traits. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, advocated for eugenics to cull those she considered unfit from the population.

In 1921, she said eugenics is "the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems," and she later lamented "the ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all."

Lawmakers in Minnesota recently endorsed a proposal that would exempt stockpiles of DNA information already being collected from every newborn there from any sort of consent requirements, meaning researchers could utilize the DNA of more than 780,000 Minnesota children for any sort of research project whatsover, Brase said.

Stockpiling newborn DNA???? I'm afraid to think of what "scientists" will do with such information. Not having had a baby recently, I can't imagine how parents would react, knowing their child's genetic information can possibly used for immoral and destructive purposes.

Ted Turner Calls For Population Control

Didn't he also say he regretted fathering more than one child? He should be father of the year *sarcasm*

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama Declares He Doesn't Want His Children "Punished with a Baby"

In a comment deemed insulting to single mothers and their children, presidential hopeful Barack Obama announced during a town hall meeting on Saturday that he did not want his children "punished with a baby."

Following comments insisting that information on contraception be included alongside abstinence education, Obama stated, "I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby. I don't want them punished with an STD at the age of 16."

How nice of you to want your daughters to kill your grandchildren!

If you're truly teaching your children "values and morals", you would teach them why they should not have sex before marriage. Oh wait, the kids are going to do it anyway, so let's just hand them contraceptives *rolls eyes*

3,000 Rally To Support Oklahoma Representative

Upwards of 3,000 people gathered today for the rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol in support of Rep. Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City), reportedly spilling over onto all levels of the Rotunda. Rep. Kern has stood firm in the face of harassments and threats over statements she made regarding the homosexual agenda. Concerned Women for America (CWA) joined with over 50 pastors to sponsor the event in support of Rep. Kern's Biblical stand.

Let's not forget the death threats and hate emails Representative Kern has had to endure. All this from the "tolerant" gays and their supporters. Anyone who has threatened her life should be locked up and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That, and they should undergo "sensitivity training" to learn how to deal with others and their hateful behavior. It won't happen, but it would be nice to see it turned around on these wackos.

The speech she made that has people falsely calling her a "homophobe":

She said nothing untrue, which is why it hit a nerve in the alternative communities. The truth hurts, doesn't it.

Obama Leads In PA

Locally, I don't believe he has a chance. There are too many Clinton supporters out there. That doesn't mean he won't take the state, but given the current state of affairs here, he won't make it.

PP Accepts More Racist Donations

A second report from a student-run magazine at UCLA finds more Planned Parenthood abortion businesses accepting overtly racist donations. After the first report showed a Planned Parenthood in Idaho accepting money from someone who wanted to reduce the number of black babies, centers in Oklahoma and New Mexico followed suit.

The Advocate magazine told on Wednesday that it released another video exposing the racist attitudes at the nation's largest abortion business.

Posing as a donor, UCLA law student James O’Keefe called facilities in Oklahoma and New Mexico and asked to make a donation specifically to be use to kill African-American unborn children.

The abortion center staff are more than happy to accommodate his request, with one Planned Parenthood employee saying, "for whatever reason, we'll accept the money."

Should anyone be surprised?

Video of part II of their investigation:

Of course the outrage will come from those "offended" by the people offering such donations, not against PP. How stupid.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Colorado Personhood Initiative

American Life League video on this subject:

Hospice Deaths Suspicious

Sanctuary Hospice House in Tupelo, Kansas is under investigation over suspicious deaths.

Willie Bennett said her mother and brother-in-law died at the hospice.

Bennett said her mother's death was attributed to heart failure, but she believes medications administered at the hospice, including morphine, brought on death.

She would not discuss the death of her brother-in-law due to the pending investigation.

But the story she told about her mother's death -- allegedly heavy doses of morphine and a rapid demise -- is eerily similar to the experience another family described.

Rebecca A. Dilliard, of Eatonton, Ga., said investigators with the attorney general's office told her family that the hospice killed her mother.

"They had proof -- 100 percent -- that they killed our mother," said Dillard.

This is probably not the only hospice in the US giving large doses of medication to patients to hasten their death. There should be widespread investigations of all hospices/nursing homes, to be certain the patients aren't being murdered.

Given the apathy on the part of the staff of a certain local nursing home towards their patients, I would say overdosing those in their care is very common.

He Wasn't Really Brain Dead

Zack Dunlop was declared brain dead, for the sole purpose of harvesting his organs. Thank God for his cousins, acting on a hunch he was still with us.

The young man himself told NBC that he heard the doctors pronounce him brain dead, and said, "I'm glad I couldn't get up and do what I wanted to do." When asked what he wanted to do, he responded, "There probably would have been a broken window they went out."

Maybe Zack should act on that instinct, and do what he intended. It may save the lives of others, and prevent these "doctors" from killing people just to steal their organs.

This is a case where I believe this young man should sue. They (the "doctors") should pay substantially, not just monetarily, but wih the loss of their licenses to practice medicine.

Pro-Lifer Charged For Removing Remains

Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, has been billed $1,100 by the DEQ for the removal of evidence against the Lathrup Village Woman Care clinic, operated by abortionist Alberto Hodari. The evidence, discovered in dumpsters behind the clinic and videotaped by Miller, consists of the recognizable remains of at least 18 aborted children, numerous records with personal and detailed information of Hodari's patients, as well as other bio-hazardous waste material.

"I said I was willing to pay for the transport of the aborted babies to the funeral home," Miller told LifeSiteNews. But she says she never promised to pay for the removal of all the biohazardous materials, especially for over $1,000. Dr. Miller also told LifeSiteNews that she spoke with Robert McCann, spokesman for the DEQ and that he said he would look into the bill sent to Dr. Miller.

"Hodari doesn't get fined a single cent!" said Dr. Miller, "The state had the bill charged to me for the removal of the evidence from my property. Something doesn't seem right here."

Of course it's not right. Why should Dr. Miller believe the state would have any common sense, when all she did was remove the remains for a proper burial?

Hodari gets away with dumping babies, yet the state goes after the person who wanted them to be buried. Stupidity rules in Michigan.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

PP Streamlining

Listen to the young man who says "they" will have to answer to "us", meaning the pro-death supporters vs. pro-lifers. I'm hopeful Roe v Wade will be overturned much sooner, thanks to the efforts of the youth.

Tiller Speaks To NEA

On another blog, it was reported that George Tiller spoke to the NEA on March 9. Here is a video that was secretly recorded by two employees of The audio can be loud or soft at times.

Warning: graphic images

Pro-lifers are constantly attacked if we display pictures of aborted babies, yet when Tiller "the killer" and the pro-abortion crowd uses the same images to show their "work", it's fine.

These people have serious mental defects, to even think killing babies is normal. Parents should keep their kids away from them.

Belgium Proposes Euthanasia For Teens And Children

I have no other comments, except to say this is absolutely sickening.

Far Left UK Teachers' Union Calls for Abolition of Religious Schools

So a left-wing radical want to eliminate religious schools

At their Manchester conference this week, the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the largest teachers' union in the UK, have called for the abolition of single-faith schools and for clergy of every religion to be brought into classrooms. At this weekend's NUT conference in Manchester, the union said that continuing to support schools of individual religions was "unjust and unsustainable" and would undermine race relations. The NUT, Britain's largest and most influential teachers' union, continues to lead the extreme left wing in Britain's teaching professions.

Under the NUT proposal, schools should bring in imams, rabbis and priests to mollify parental demands for religious instruction in schools but specifically in order to prevent the establishment of new single-faith schools. Reflecting a government instruction that no religious or moral values should be taught to students as though they are objectively true, the NUT proposals would see all schools become "multi-faith" institutions in which no one religion is presented as true. Schools moreover should be stripped of their powers to control their own admissions and select pupils according to their faith.

I thought being liberal meant accepting all faiths? Oh, that's right - if it's against what they believe, religion must be eradicated.

Does anyone else notice the acronym for this wacko organization is NUT? How appropriate ;-)

Nebraska Bans Public Funding for Destructive Embryo Research

This can only be good news!

48 of the 49 Nebraskan senators voted Tuesday to pass Legislative Bill 606 banning some human cloning. The measure was quickly signed by Governor Dave Heineman. The measure allows research grants to be given to institutions doing stem cell research without using embryos. The new law also prohibits public funding of research that creates or destroys embryos for stem cell research.

The bill was passed on condition that neither side in the debate would introduce more legislation regarding cloning or stem cell research unless one of three conditions are met: if private sector research is undertaken that destroys human embryos or creates cloned embryos; if scientific advances create new ethical considerations; or if the prohibitions in LB 606 were violated.

The measure was conditionally supported by the spokesman for Nebraska Right to Life, Julie Schmit-Albin, who said, "Though it isn't everything we wanted in LB 700, this is one of those times where we can gain something or achieve nothing and we chose the former." Schmit-Albin was referring to what she called "the true cloning ban." Nebraska Right to Life has been fighting for a cloning ban since 2000.

Previously the bill had included a prohibition only on cloning for reproductive purposes, a common ploy of the pro-cloning lobby to create the appearance of ethical principles. But pro-life lobbyists were able to change the measure to afford a degree of restriction on "therapeutic cloning", or cloning for stem cell research.

It's a step in the right direction, and hopefully Nebraskans will get a bill similar to the original one. Until then, we have to take every little victory we can get.

Australia Teacher on Trial for Sexually Abusing Teen, Getting Her Abortion

Article here:

These are people who are trusted to educate our children, and are "mandated reporters" for the state????

It's proven once again perverts will flock to wherever the children are. Covered up by the system, with the endorsement of the pro-death crowd.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deep Sedation is Often "Slow Euthanasia"

Editorial here:

I was unaware deep sedation was used as a form of euthanasia in the Netherlands. I also have to wonder if it's used here in the US, and isn't reported.

Prime Minister Brown Partially Caves On Bill

Most recent reports this evening have said that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has caved in to pressure within his cabinet and the weekend's barrage from the Churches, by saying that now Labour MPs will be allowed to vote according to their conscience on some aspects of the bill including the creation of human/animal hybrid clones, but continues to insist that they support it as a whole.

After weeks of insisting on complete support for the bill Brown said, "On the three issues where, for the first time, these ethical issues are being debated in Parliament in this new way - and that's so-called admix embryos, the second one is saviour siblings and the third one is IVF research - exercising your conscience will mean for Labour Party members a free vote."

Activists Defend Barack Obama's Vote Against Victims of Botched Abortions

In a recent editorial at the pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check, activist Dana Goldstein writes about a "conservative smear campaign" highlighting Obama's radical pro-abortion position.

Goldstein says the "anti-Obama strategy" is based on Obama's votes against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

That's the measure that helps babies who are victims of botched abortions or left to die without any medical treatment following intentional premature births, otherwise known as induced-birth or live-birth abortions.

Goldstein applauds Obama for voting against the bill, when a federal version passed in the U.S. Senate on a unanimous vote with the support of pro-life and pro-abortion lawmakers.

"It is to Barack Obama's credit that, as an Illinois state senator, he voted against BAIPA twice, and then, as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee in 2003, prevented it from advancing to the floor," she writes.

Telling the truth is NOT a smear campaign. Only in the eyes of the dishonest pro-death crowd would the truth be called a lie.

Remember Dana Goldstein, that the blood of all those dead babies is on your hands for supporting someone even further to the left of NARAL.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oops! CBS catches Hillary Clinton's lies about Bosnia

Typical, of the Clinton lies:

I love watching the two left-wing liberals pounding each other this campaign. Although I'm not fond of John McCain, all he has to do is sit back and enjoy the mud-slinging by these two. They'll be the reason he is elected president.

Threatened Oklahoma Politician Refuses to Apologize for Saying Homosexuality is Dangerous and Sinful

Oklahoma House Representative Sally Kern is standing firm in her convictions on the immorality and danger of the homosexual lifestyle, despite some 30,000 emails condemning her, many of which included hateful rhetoric and some death threats. The most hard-hitting portions of a speech she gave to a Republican club on the subject of homosexual activism in America were posted online by a homosexual activist group.

Some 300 activists rallied against Kern at the State Capital Tuesday. In comments to AP, however, she stood firm against the criticisms, stating that she was not engaging in hate speech. "I see no reason to apologize for what God says, that homosexuality is a sin," she told AP. "I will not apologize. I did not say anything false. I did not say anything malicious or hateful."

During her original speech Kern predicted she might face trouble for her forthright remarks, but she stressed that she was speaking out of concern for those engaged in a destructive lifestyle. ""The very fact that I'm talking to you like this here today puts me in jeopardy," she said in her speech. "So, so be it. I'm not anti, I'm not gay bashing, but according to God's Word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle. It has deadly consequences for those people involved in it. They have more suicides ... there's more illness. Their life spans are shorter."

Kern asserts that the First Amendment protects her in voicing her concerns about homosexuality and homosexual activism. "I'm not going to apologize for exercising my First Amendment right," she told The Oklahoman.

Unfortunately, she is wrong about the first amendment applying to her. We have "hate crime" laws in this country, and it's only a matter of time before one of the pro-homosexual lunatics decides to either have her charged with a crime, or sues her.

Kudos to you, Representative Kern! We need more and more politicians who are willing to stand up and tell the truth!

Scientists Excited Bush Stem Cell Research Policy May Change After Elections

Scientists who engage in stem cell research are excited that the policy President Bush has put in place about the practice could be overturned with the election of a new president. Bush prevented making taxpayers fund any new embryonic stem cell research with their tax dollars because it involves the destruction of human life.

However, each of the three major contenders for the presidency -- John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- have voted for bills to overturn those limits.

Adult stem cells have been proven to cure diseases, while embryonic stem cells have never shown such promise. It's just another way for "scientists" and politicians to perpetuate the lie about the use of such cells, and the destruction of human life.

French Euthanasia Advocate Didn't Die of Natural Causes, Autopsy Indicates

French euthanasia advocate Chantal Sebire did not die of natural causes, according to an autopsy done on her body following her death last week. Sebire wanted help to take her own life because she had a rare tumor that was ravaging her face and she unsuccessfully pressed for France to allow the practice.

Sebire died suddenly on Wednesday, just two days following a court's decision denying her the ability to have a physician prescribe her a lethal dose of drugs.

An autopsy on her body has yet to pinpoint the cause of death but Dijon prosecutor Jean-Pierre Alacchi told the media it showed she didn't die of natural causes

France adopted a law in 2005 that allows patients to refuse lifesaving medical treatment, but it does not allow assisted suicide nor does it allow euthanasia -- where a doctor would actively administer the toxic drugs.

The law says medical treatment should not include "unreasonable efforts" and that a terminally ill patient should be able to "limit or stop all treatment."

Doctors can stop giving treatment when it "seems useless, disproportionate or has no effect other than maintaining life artificially."

Following Sebire's death, several top officials have said it may be necessary to review the nation's law.

Should France legalize assisted suicide it would join other European nations in doing so.

Isn't this the reason used to enact Roe v Wade in the US? Where does it end, when human life is deemed to be "worthless"?

The Human Experience

"The Human Experience" is a movie that is a must-see.

The trailer:

Back From Break

I hope everyone had a blessed and joyous Easter. I'm back from my break, and will be posting regularly again :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taking A Break

I'm taking a break from blogging for the rest of Lent. I need to concentrate on the season, on Our Lord's passion, death and resurrection. Continue to pray for all the babies who will be aborted over the next couple weeks, as well as all those people who will be starved/abused at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them.

Please read the links on the side. If anything spectacular takes place before Easter, I promise to post it :-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

"Expelled" Super Trailer

The movie "Expelled" with Ben Stein, is being released on April 18. I strongly urge everyone to see this film. Here is the trailer:

It's about time those who are in the "scientific" community are exposed for the liars they are. We also need to take back our schools and force them to stop teaching this garbage to unsuspecting children.

York University Blocks Abortion Debate between Pro-Abortion Atheist and Pro-Life Worker

he York University Student Centre cancelled the debate, entitled "Abortion Debate: A Woman's Right or a Moral Wrong?" a mere two hours before it started. As a result, dozens of students were turned away at the door. The debate was to have been between pro-abortion atheist Michael Payton from Freethinkers, Skeptics and Atheists at York, and Jojo Ruba of Calgary's pro-life Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. It was intended to be a balanced debate on abortion, moderated by the York Debating Society.

"We would not have a debate over something that is racist or homophobic," said Gilary Massa, vice-president equity of the York Federation of Students. "This debate is sexist … when it comes to free speech there is a line. … They are talking about taking away women's rights. We would not allow a debate asking if women beating should be allowed."

"I was told in a meeting by members of the York Federation of Students that debating abortion is comparable to debating whether a man should be allowed to beat his wife," said Margaret Fung, President of Students for Bioethical Awareness, an official York University club and co-sponsor of the debate. "They said that there is freedom of speech to a limit, and that abortion is not an issue to debate. They demanded that the event not take place and shut us down."

Fung was present with Jeremy Salter, Executive Director of the YFS, Fuad Abdi, VP of Operations of the YFS and the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Student Centre, and Amir Mohareb, President of the York Debating Society when the debate was shut down.

"The Student Centre has made sure that anyone with different views than theirs can't express themselves, even if both points of view are represented," said Fung. "They don't seem to understand that we live in a free, democratic society. A university is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas not a propaganda machine for political extremists."

The stupidity being displayed at this "university" is quite frightening. These are the same people who insist on "diversity", yet will do anything in their power to shut down and vilify opposing opinions.

These "students" should learn the facts about abortion before showing the rest of the world how ridiculous they are. Abortion is both sexist and racist. I have to assume they're not literate enough to understand those facts.

Haleigh Poutre Will Testify Against Attacker

This is the girl they wanted to dehydrate to death. She was declared "unresponsive", "pvs", etc. When the courts decided they wanted to kill her, she began waking from this "vegetative" state.

It just goes to show how dubious this diagnosis can be.

Praying for Haleigh, that she is able to bring her surviving attacker to justice.

Liberal MP's Oppose Cloning Bill

The Liberal Party in England, which has the current British governmental majority, is seeing some Catholic MPs rebelling over the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill. The measure would promote the kind of cloning practices Catholics oppose and some top government officials could vote no even if the Party doesn't allow a free vote.

Three British cabinet ministers could defy an instruction from their party to support the measure, including Ruth Kelly, Des Browne and Paul Murphy.

Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, is also said to have raised objections.

The bill allows the creation of clones that are 99 percent human but also have animal DNA infused. Scientists want to clone and kill these chimeras to search for cures for diseases.

Schiavo Family Launches Radio Program

Terri Schiavo's Family Launches New Radio Program on Protecting the Disabled

The foundation that Terri Schiavo's family created after her death is continuing its efforts to help the elderly and disabled obtain appropriate medical care. It is launching a new radio program on a Tampa station that will be simulcast on the Internet and later expanded to other Florida stations.

The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation will start the new America's Lifeline program this weekend live from the Tampa studios of Talk Radio 860 WGUL, a Christian station.

Prominent radio health care advocate Cary Hall will co-sponsor the program along with Terri's brother Bobby Schindler and her sister Suzanne Vitadamo, the foundation's directors.

Hall is also the host of a successful radio show called The Health Insurance Advocate which broadcasts from two Midwest stations.

"America's Lifeline is something we've wanted to do for some time," Vitadamo told on Thursday.

I wonder how long it will take the pro-death crowd to demand it be shut down. Also, how long before Michael Schiavo comes out and says the family isn't honoring "Terri's wishes" by creating this radio program.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When Parents Become Executioners

This part of the article stood out for me:

Abortion is currently protected by positive law. It shouldn’t be. It is against the Natural Law that can be known by all and is binding upon all. These extreme cases present us an opportunity to seriously reflect on what we have allowed to happen. The intentional killing of children in the womb is simply wrong and we all know it. Roe v Wade must go.

Then there is the other sticky issue.

Who gets to decide whether children in the womb live or die? Not the child. They are relegated to the status of property to be disposed of when inconvenient.

Have we turned Parents into executioners?

On the one hand, parents are permitted to kill their own children with the consent of the state. If the parent allows that same child to live, the parent had better not try to indoctrinate that child in their beliefs, otherwise the long arm of "cps" will step in.

The child is property of the parent if they wish the child dead; once the child is born, he/she becomes the property of the state. How sick and twisted is that logic :-(

Editorial: Canadian Catholic Priest Politician Condemns Founders in Parliament

Catholic priest Rev. Raymond Gravel, who, prior to the launch of his political career was already infamous for publicly opposing the Vatican on homosexuality and abortion, has recently taken pains to make himself appear pro-life in Parliament., however, has several times reported on Gravel’s heretical and anti-life statements, such as his repeated and public denunciation of the Vatican for its position on homosexuality, and his statement on radio in 2004: "I am pro-choice and there is not a bishop on earth that will prevent me from receiving Communion, not even the Pope."

And this:

In an eight minute speech in the House of Commons yesterday, which was supposed to address the Unborn Victims of Crime legislation, Gravel instead used almost the entire time to portray himself as being against abortion. In doing so he claimed that he was misrepresented by, which he said instigated the complaints to his religious superiors. From the Official Hansard: “I get the feeling that comments made by two people, John-Henry Weston in and Mr. Jalzevac, incited this taking up of arms.” (Of course both Steve's and my last names were spelled incorrectly, but there we are in the official Hansard nonetheless.)

Gravel protested in Parliament that his remarks opposing the Unborn Victims of Crime bill were misrepresented. “I think this is in order because my bishop and the apostolic nunciature in Ottawa have received a number of e-mails,” he said. “I want to clarify and qualify a few things. First, I am against abortion. I regard human life as sacred and abortion as always being a tragedy in our society. We must do everything in our power, while showing respect for those involved, to limit the number of abortions and promote life.”

We don't need to "limit" the number of abortions, they must be abolished, period. Father Gravel's true colors shone through in his rant against Lifesite and pro-lifers in general.

Clinton Candidacy Still Alive

Clinton Wins Ohio, Texas; McCain Clinches GOP Nomination

It certainly looks like Pennsylvania is going to be the deciding factor for the Democratic nominee. Usually, the race is locked up by now. Also looks like there are heavy registrations in the Democratic party in Monroe county.

The Obama camp was already discounting Clinton. She's not singing yet *vbg*

Parental Notification Law Invalid

This is a victory for PP and those who want to subvert parental rights.

Courts continue to prevent the enforcement of a 1995 parental notification law on abortion as a federal judge has issued a decision refusing to life an injunction on it. The lack of a parental involvement law has encouraged teenagers in cities in neighboring states, such as St. Louis, to go across the border for secret abortions.

The law had been on hold since the legislature passed it in 1995 because the state Supreme Court hadn't approved the administrative rules for it.

Abortion advocates had filed a lawsuit against the notification requirement to block parents from knowing about their teen's abortion decision until the rules were completed.

So let's get this straight: adults who are strangers can take teens to abortion clinics without parental consent and have an invasive procedure performed on these girls, and the parents have no say, all because of some "abuse" clause that wasn't implemented. Isn't it reasonable to assume those adults taking the teens to get an abortion are the ones committing the abuse? I guess parents are the only ones capable of abuse /sarcasm/

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Unborn Are Really Chimps

This is one of those articles that makes you go "what?????":

A former attorney general and human rights commission chairman is claiming that unborn children in the earliest stages of development are not human, and are in fact chimpanzees.

Dr. Jorge Carpizo McGregor claims that "for the topic of abortion, there are very important scientific advances that prove that the DNA of chimpanzees is 99 percent identical to that of a human being. The difference between ourselves and chimpanzees is one percent, this quantity that makes the difference is the central nervous system."

"Before twelve weeks of gestation, there is no cerebral cortex, that is to say, there is no human being, the cortex is formed around the 25th week. This is a very important piece of information because those who attack abortion say that a human being is being killed and it isn't true."

"That's ridiculous," said Dr. John Shea, medical advisor to Canada's Campaign Life Coalition. "This is the most ignorant remark I think the man could possibly make. He must be totally ignorant of science."

Dr. Shea was shocked to hear that a prominent attorney was claiming that the only difference between a chimpanzee and a human being was in the nervous system. "That's so ignorant that I don't know where to begin," he told LifeSiteNews. "The organism is different in every single way" he said, and added that "a person is different in a trillion different biochemical ways. It's ludicrous, ludicrous. It's on it's face, ridiculous."

I agree with Dr. Shea. This is one of the most outrageous arguments presented to claim unborn babies before twelve weeks gestation are nothing more than chimps.

Barack Obama: My Pro-Abortion Position Doesn't Make Me Less Christian

The usual lies and spin, coming from the mouth of the leading Democratic candidate:

Senator Barack Obama spoke at Hocking College in Ohio on Sunday and continued to peddle the message that his pro-abortion position isn't at odds with Biblical values. He said his view that abortions should be legal without any limits and funded with taxpayer dollars does not make him "less Christian."

Obama has come under strong condemnation from pro-life groups because he not only supports abortion but has repeatedly attempted to justify it as compatible with Christian views.

"I think that the bottom line is that in the end, I think women, in consultation with their pastors, and their doctors, and their family, are in a better position to make these decisions than some bureaucrat in Washington," Obama said, according to a WTAP-TV report. "That's my view."

"Again, I respect people who may disagree, but I certainly don't think it makes me less Christian. Okay," the Democratic presidential candidate added.

Yes, it does make you less Christian. In fact, it means you're not Christian at all. Real Christians do not support or condone the murder of innocents. Obama is a fraud in the Christian world, regardless of denomination.

Scientists, Govt Ignore Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Leading Surgeon Says

A leading breast cancer surgeon has published an article in a top medical journal accusing scientists and the federal government of ignoring the well-established link between abortion and breast cancer. Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a New Jersey based breast cancer expert, says politics is corrupting science.

She presents her evidence in a new article in the March 2008 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Lanfranchi, a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, provided shocking examples to show how federal officials have suppressed information concerning the breast cancer risks related to abortion.

"Informed patient consent for medical treatment is required by both law and medical ethics. Yet, both federal agencies and academicians are participating in the suppression of information about the heightened risk of breast cancer posed by oral contraceptives and induced abortion," she explained.

She said both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have "violated their mission statements" by refusing to acknowledge the abortion-breast cancer link.

The link between breast cancer and abortion has been covered up for years. People are finally waking up to this fact, although it's too late for many women.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Custody Battle Threatens Health and Life of Aging Priest

A terminally ill Roman Catholic priest is the center of a tempestuous legal battle between a court-appointed temporary guardian - who has demanded his return to an Arizona care center - and family and friends - who believe such a move could kill him.

Fr. Bernard "Brian" Gallagher, 76, a retired priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Yakima, Washington, is the focus of a custody struggle between his family and a woman acting as his legal emergency guardian. Imelda Guadalupe "Lupe" Kowalczyk has insisted to authorities that Fr. Gallagher is mentally incompetent and cannot make his own decisions, among which is Fr. Gallagher's well-documented desire to live with fellow religious in California and to finish his days with constant access to the Mass and the sacraments.

Earlier this week, Fr. Gallagher was taken, at his own urgent request, and over the objections of Kowalczyk, from a nursing home in Payson, Arizona to the well-equipped cancer care facilities at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California. Once there it was discovered that Fr. Gallagher was suffering from an infected bladder, the beginnings of aspiration pneumonia from poor feeding tube treatment, as well as other symptoms. He had also lost a considerable amount of weight.

But sources say Arizona law enforcement is now exerting pressure to return Fr. Gallagher into the custody of Kowalczyk, who had deprived him of all contact with friends and family and the right to the Catholic Church's sacraments. Those who are close to the terminally ill priest say any move from the hospital could jeopardize his life.

An attorney representing Fr. Gallagher, has instructed the hospital that the priest "not be moved and certainly not be moved at the behest of the very person whose motives and legal actions we are questioning in the California courts."

Father Gallagher rescinded the power of attorney he gave to Kowalczyk:

Documents obtained by show that Kowalczyk seized emergency legal guardianship of Fr. Gallagher shortly after learning that the priest, dissatisfied with her unwillingness to return him to California, relieved her of her power of attorney and reassigned any health-care directive and legal control over his finances to his cousin James Logsdon.

"I, Father Brian T. Gallagher, fully revoke the Power of Attorney from Lupe Kowalczyk from St. John's, AZ as having power of attorney over my affairs," reads the letter, signed by Fr. Gallagher and also signed by witnesses on February 16, 2008. Again on February 19, Fr. Gallagher repeated this instruction before witnesses, which was recorded by friend Denise Riggio. (Listen to recording:

The priest also expressed his wish to return to San Juan Capistrano or live in a religious institute, "so that I may be with the Blessed Sacrament daily as well as receive the sacraments daily till the end of my days."

Kowalczyk, however, sought and obtained Temporary Guardianship and Temporary Conservator over Fr. Gallagher after she asserted that the priest was mentally incompetent. A hearing to review guardianship is scheduled for March 13 in Apache County, Arizona, where she resides. The same day that she obtained emergency guardianship, Kowalczyk ordered Payson Care Center staff to cut off Fr. Gallagher from all visitors and all means of communication, including reception of the sacraments.

Several of Fr. Gallagher's friends had traveled from California to visit him on February 23, but were abruptly turned away by several nurses following Kowalczyk's "no visitor" orders. The visitors observed other signs of neglect, including a mattress on the floor to catch the priest if he fell off the bed, lack of bed sheets, insufficient clothing on his body, and the fact that he was lying flat on his back with his feeding tube installed, which can cause aspiration pneumonia.

Does that sound like someone who is mentally incompetent?

There's something missing from this story. I have to wonder exactly what Kowalczyk has to gain by cutting off Father from his family.

I will be praying for him.

Biotech Firm to Provide Alternatives to Vaccines Using Tissue From Abortions

A biotech firm has announced it will offer ethical alternatives to some of the vaccines that currently rely on the use of fetal tissue from abortions. The Seattle-based AVM Biotechnology says it will produce ethical alternatives in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and vaccine development.

The news gives hope to pro-life people who have been reluctant to use some vaccines because their development came as a result of the destruction of unborn children.

“We will be working to bring commercially available, morally acceptable, vaccines to the US market and to use existing technology to produce new morally certified vaccines," says Dr. Theresa Deisher, the research and development director for AVM.

"Revenues from the vaccine business will also further the research, development and commercialization of morally certified therapeutics in other areas of medicine as well," she added.

It's about time!

Planned Parenthood of Idaho Backtracks on Apology for Racist Abortion Donation

From the article:

"Planned Parenthood firmly and unequivocally denounces racial bias in the delivery of health care," the statement read.

It continued: "A fund raising employee violated the organization's principles and practices when she appeared to be willing to accept a racially motivated donation. This employee made a serious mistake. We apologize for the manner in which this offensive call was handled."

However, Poedy appeared to backtrack from the apology in comments to the Boise Weekly, a liberal publication.

She painted the calls as misleading and said PPI was a victim of race-baiting.

"It's an extremist, anti-choice group that has manipulated a 25-minute conversation," Poedy said. "It's not an accurate representation of the transcript."

"They're all designed with an intent to bait someone into a conversation they can then manipulate," she added.

So now PP is a "victim" by being baited into a conversation?

All Autumn Kersey had to say was "PP does not accept donations based on or geared towards any specific ethnic race or group". Instead, the idiot decides to play along, and take the donation. Anything for a buck should be their motto :-(

Friday, February 29, 2008

PP Racism Investigation

The second video is the extended version of the investigation:

I thought PP claimed they distanced themselves from the ideas of their racist founder. Apparently this isn't true.

Rick Santorum On Obama

The Elephant in the Room: Obama: A harsh ideologue hidden by a feel-good image

John McCain's campaign and conservative pundits have listed the numerous times in Obama's short Senate career where he sided with the extremes in his party against broadly supported compromises on issues such as immigration, ethics reform, terrorist surveillance and war funding. Fighting on the fringe with a handful of liberals is one thing, but consider his position on an issue that passed both houses of Congress unanimously in 2002.

That bill was the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. During the partial-birth abortion debate, Congress heard testimony about babies that had survived attempted late-term abortions. Nurses testified that these preterm living, breathing babies were being thrown into medical waste bins to die or being "terminated" outside the womb. With the baby now completely separated from the mother, it was impossible to argue that the health or life of the mother was in jeopardy by giving her baby appropriate medical treatment.

The act simply prohibited the killing of a baby born alive. To address the concerns of pro-choice lawmakers, the bill included language that said nothing "shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand or contract any legal status or legal right" of the baby. In other words, the bill wasn't intruding on Roe v. Wade.

Who would oppose a bill that said you couldn't kill a baby who was born? Not Kennedy, Boxer or Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not even the hard-core National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Obama, however, is another story. The year after the Born Alive Infants Protection Act became federal law in 2002, identical language was considered in a committee of the Illinois Senate. It was defeated with the committee's chairman, Obama, leading the opposition.

And this makes Obama worthy of the highest office in the US for what reason? Because he supports infanticide?

Those who can read this, and still vote for him because they believe he's good for the country are either lying to themselves or delusional. To say they're misguided would be dishonest.

Pro-Life Leaders Close Out Black History Month With Condemnation of Abortion

Article here

A group of highly touted African-American pro-life leaders closed out Black History Month with a press conference at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington. The event drew pastors, parents, leaders, and activists from across America to call on abortion advocates to stop preying on the black community.

Notice how this event garnered zero media coverage. Gee, I wonder why?

Kids Vaccine Linked to Fever, Seizures

Children suffered higher rates of fever-related convulsions when they got a Merck & Co. combination vaccine instead of two separate shots, according to a new study presented Wednesday.

The results prompted a federal advisory panel on vaccines to water down their preference for the combo vaccine ProQuad, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella as well as chickenpox.

In the study of children ages 12 months through 23 months, the rate of seizures was twice as high in toddlers who got ProQuad, compared with those who got one shot for chickenpox and one for the three other diseases.

The risk translates to about one extra case of convulsion for every 2,000 doses of ProQuad given said Dr. Nicola Klein, who lead the federally funded study. She presented the data at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The study focused on children who develop fevers and then go into convulsions — an occurrence that frightens parents but usually has no lingering consequences. There were no deaths in the new study.

I'm happy no children died because of this vaccine.

I'm also happy to have family physicians who refuses to push vaccines on us. On the contrary, they strongly recommend against giving dd the boosters that are allegedly required to be "healthy".

As one told me: if you knew what was in the vaccines, you'd faint. I take his word for it. I don't want to know :-(

EU Split Over Abortion

Rare European Union Split at UN Over Attempt to Shift Agenda to Include Abortion

On Thursday afternoon, the head of Malta’s mission to the UN, Ambassador Saviour F. Borg said, “Malta would like to clarify its position with respect to the language relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights in the [EU] statement. Malta firmly continues to maintain that any position taken or recommendations made regarding women’s empowerment and gender equality should not in any way create an obligation on any party to consider abortion as a legitimate form of reproductive health rights, services or commodities.”

The split in the European Union is significant because the EU hardly ever splits on questions of social policy at the UN. Even countries that are generally anti-abortion go along with the more radical approach taken by the United Kingdom, France and Germany. They do this as an agreement that the EU will always work out their differences behind closed doors and present a united front at UN negotiations.

It looks like the EU is beginning to crumble. The pro-life nations are probably tired of "going with the flow".

Thursday, February 28, 2008

PP Leaves Lehigh University

Lack of Interest Forces Planned Parenthood to Leave University

Lehigh University isn't exactly a bastion of conservatism. It is probably one of the more liberal universities in this area. PP is losing its grip on its own base, and that is a good thing.

Writer votes for Obama, defends his choice saying, “Bishops be damned”

Joe Feuerherd: "Bishops Be Damned"

A writer who wrote a Washington Post op-ed piece arguing against the U.S. bishops’ criticism of voters who support pro-abortion politicians and ended his article with a curse of the bishops could face canonical penalties for inciting hatred against the bishops.

Joe Feuerherd, a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, attacked the bishops’ statement “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post. In their statement, the bishops noted that voters’ political decisions could affect their salvation.

Feuerherd also criticized the bishops’ efforts to ensure the worthy reception of Holy Communion in the case of pro-abortion politicians who attend Mass.

The entire article can be read at the link above.

The bishops aren't the ones who are going to be damned.

JAMA: Adult Stem Cells Are Helping Patients

Video from the Journal of the American Medical Association here

Adult stem cells are the standard for cancer patients.

Adult stem cells = success
Embryonic stem cells = 0% success

Transcript Of Obama's Speech To PP

Transcript of Obama's Speech to PP July 2007 here

Video of the speech here

Hillary Clinton also spoke to PP on the same day. Her video can also be viewed above.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More On Margaret Sanger

Youtube video, narrated by Katherine Hepburn, whose mother was part of the "birth control movement":

Part 1

Part 2

March 1988 article on Katherine Hepburn and her family's ties to PP

Mrs. Hepburn was keenly aware of the interrrelationship of birth control and abortion, which was widespread.

''Abortions would be unnecessary if birth control were practiced,'' she asserted in 1936. ''It would eliminate the causes of abortions, of which there are some 500,000 every year in the United States.''

Her daughter has long been an outspoken supporter of abortion rights, about which she has never entertained doubts. ''None at all,'' Ms. Hepburn said firmly. ''The people who are alive are the ones who interest me. I'm not particularly interested in the next world, because I have no control over it at all.

How lovely :-(

UK Commons Committee to "Investigate" Catholic Bishop for "Fundamentalism"

Last month, reported that a British Parliamentarian had threatened to "investigate" what he called an increase in "fundamentalism" among British Catholic bishops in regulations for Catholic schools. This week, the Independent reports that MP Barry Sheerman, the chairman of a Commons select committee, is going ahead with the investigation.

The Independent reports that the Children, Schools and Families Committee will "call Catholic bishops to account" for recent isolated attempts to re-install genuine Catholic doctrine on moral and sexual teaching into the schools' curriculum. The reaction from Parliament comes in response to a document issued by Lancaster Bishop Patrick O'Donohue, "Fit for Mission: Schools," an instruction to revamp Catholic education in the diocese of Lancaster based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The entire article can be read on the title link above.

Catholic schools in Britain aren't allowed to teach authentic Church doctrine? This tells me the state of affairs for Catholics across the pond are far worse off than I imagined.

They (the schools) could easily solve their problem by refusing state funding for their support.

Senate Approves Ban on Abortion Funding in Indian Health Care Bill

The Senate voted 52 to 42 for the Vitter amendment and pro-life Republicans relied on the support of several Democrats to approve it.

“This is an important victory for the cause of life,” pro-life Sen. Sam Brownback told after the vote.

“In the midst of the national debate about abortion, we have come to some fundamental agreements. We should not be using American tax dollars to fund abortion," he added.

Almost all of the Senate Republicans other than Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe and Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter voted for the amendment.

They were joined by Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Harry Reid of Nevada, and Ken Salazar of Colorado.

The three senators running for president, abortion advocates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, who opposes abortion, were not present for the vote.

I'm not surprised by Specter's vote. He has proven time and again he is nothing more than a RINO.

Barack Obama Would Take Back Vote Helping Terri Schiavo Avoid Euthanasia

Article here:

During the Tuesday debate, Obama said he should have stood up against the life-saving legislation.

“It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped,” Obama said.

“And I think that was a mistake, and I think the American people understood that that was a mistake. And as a constitutional law professor, I knew better,” he added.

This isn't the first time Obama has said the biggest mistake he made as senator was voting to help try to stop Terri from being euthanized.

During an April 2007 debate, Obama said, "I think professionally the biggest mistake that I made was when I first arrived in the Senate. There was a debate about Terri Schiavo, and a lot of us, including me, left the Senate with a bill that allowed Congress to intrude where it shouldn't have.”

And this is what people want in a president????? Truly sickening!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Commentary: In Defense of Phill Kline

Defending Phill Kline:

In 2003, Phill Kline, then Attorney General of Kansas, began an investigation of the Johnson County Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri. Using subpoenaed medical records, Kline uncovered evidence that seemed to prove that Planned Parenthood had willfully neglected to report instances of child rape, had forged their viability reports, and had performed illegal late-term abortions. (The records had the names and other personal information carefully redacted to protect the women's privacy.)

Planned Parenthood decided to ignore the charges. As court hearings began, PP's army of lawyers relied on procedural ploys to delay and squelch the case. In the public arena, no attempt was made to counter the charges or even to acknowledge their existence. Planned Parenthood, it turned out, wasn't interested in defending itself against the charges. Instead, it had decided to destroy Attorney General Kline's reputation.

The abortion giant put out a press release which suggested that his charges, which they repeatedly referred to as "baseless," were pure political posturing. They accused him of "further[ing] his political ambition of making abortion illegal by using unethical tactics." "No health care provider should be threatened with felony convictions," said PPKM CEO Peter Brownlie, "simply because elected officials oppose legal abortion."

Following the lead of Planned Parenthood's formidable PR machine, dozens of newspapers, blogs, and public figures all went for the jugular. "Kline just personifies the abortion debate," ABC News contended in October of 2007. "This is a guy who has never tried any cases and has a very marginal record as an attorney, and so it is very much seen, I think, even by the pro-life people, that Kline's personal beliefs are his No. 1 priority." This preposterous claim comes straight out of Planned Parenthood's talking points. Apparently ABC's zeal for abortion is more important than its commitment to truth.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL, predictably called Kline "one of the most extreme anti-choice politicians." But then she went on to make the totally false claim that he was "invading people's most private medical information." The records, as I mentioned above, had been carefully purged of any identifying information.

The New York Times also parroted Planned Parenthood's official line, calling him "an anti-abortion zealot who gained national notoriety by misusing his office to further his ideology," while gliding over the charges themselves, which they wrongly characterized as a "gross assault on privacy and legal rights."

Someone who annoys PP and the NYT is someone worth listening to. Keep up the good work Phill Kline!

PP Promotes Pornography To Teens

Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens

PP is disgusting. No other comments are necessary.

Pope Strongly Condemns all Forms of Euthanasia

Article here:

All society "is called to respect the life and dignity of the seriously ill and the dying", said the Holy Father. "Though aware of the fact that 'it is not science that redeems man', all society, and in particular the sectors associated with medical science, are duty bound to express the solidarity of love, and to safeguard and respect human life in every moment of its earthly development, especially when it is ill or in its terminal stages.

"In more concrete terms", he added, "this means ensuring that every person in need finds the necessary support through appropriate treatments and medical procedures - identified and administered using criteria of therapeutic proportionality - while bearing in mind the moral duty to administer (on the part of doctors) and to accept (on the part of patients) those means for preserving life which, in a particular situation, may be considered as 'ordinary'".

As for forms of treatment "with significant levels of risk or that may reasonably be judged to be 'extraordinary', recourse thereto may be considered as morally acceptable, but optional. Furthermore, it will always be necessary to ensure that everyone has the treatment they require, and that families tried by the sickness of one of their members receive support, especially if the sickness is serious or prolonged".

Pro-Life Editorial

Editorial: My Heated E-Mail exchange with a Pro-life Doctor

An excerpt:

The Doctor:

“That no one calling themselves Catholics should vote for anyone who supports baby killing. That Catholics can control any election if only Catholics ceased voting for members of the Democratic Party, which has in their party platform a clause that supports the killing of unborn children”.

My Response:

On this, I am in substantial agreement. It is obvious that the Doctor has not read much of what I have written over these many years. Even a cursory reading of my writings would make it very clear that I am disillusioned with the Democratic Party on issues of life and marriage.

However, I am also aware of the growth of groups like “Democrats for Life” who seek to return that Party, which once prided itself on hearing the cry of the poor, back to its roots in order to move forward.

The Democratic Party was stolen by the current leadership. I long for the day when Democrats,along with Republicans, recognize our youngest neighbors,children in the womb, as having not only a right to be born but a right to live a full life until natural death.

In other words, I long for the day when we live in a Nation where both major Parties accept the truth that killing innocent children in the womb is intrinsically evil and they make it illegal. Perhaps then we could have a true debate over many, many other vital issues.

I don't believe the Democratic Party will ever be redeemed. The Republican Party, otoh, can be saved, if politicians like Giuliani are driven out (remember he was once a Democrat). It will take time, but it can be done.

Monday, February 25, 2008

MLK's Niece Upset With PP

Dr. Martin Luther King's Niece Upset Abortion Business Using Uncle's Image

PP tries to give the appearance he would be supporting them today. I seriously doubt he would stand firmly with PP, given they have been advocating the murder of black children at a rate that far exceeds the rate of white ones.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Editorial: Infanticide Goes Mainstream and Why Prolife Arguments Need an Update

Article here:

What really struck me, however, as I was reading the Hastings Center piece (besides, of course, the hard-to-ignore fact that the authors were defending killing newborn infants, including those who weren't suffering yet, but probably would suffer in the future) is how ill prepared we are to respond to the arguments presented by the authors. It seems to me that the pro-life movement is somewhat behind the times in its approach to responding to the core principles of the Culture of Death, especially in its newest incarnations.

While much of the pro-life movement continues to desperately try to prove to the opposition that the fetus is human, by showing pictures of the unborn child, or proving that the fetus can feel pain, the whole pro-death movement has moved on. With the advent of embryonic research, immoral reproduction technologies, and now infant euthanasia, the pro-life movement has simply attempted to adopt and adapt old arguments for a whole new fight, which calls to mind that old Scripture quote about new wine in old wineskins.

"Human life," we point out time after time, "is a continuity that begins at conception and continues through to the moment of natural death, and since it is wrong to kill an adult, it is also wrong to kill a child, born or unborn."

But this just won't do any more.

The cameras inserted into the womb have proven beyond a doubt that the uterus is not a twilight zone that suddenly transforms a formless blob of inhuman tissue into a hearty, healthy baby at the moment of birth. And hence it is somewhat condescending to our opponents to assume that the they are just so plain stupid that they can't tell that the fetus looks, acts, and feels like a human, and is a human, albeit in its nascent stage of development.

What we seem to have failed to recognize, therefore, at least with the necessary clarity, is that the humanity or inhumanity of the fetus is often no longer the issue - at least, not within the elite spheres of the pro-death movement. The pro-death movement has evolved into a subtler, more radical, and much more dangerous form, a form that requires new intellectual weapons to fight.

Unfortunately, that is what we are up against today. Formulating an argument against the pro-death group, without hysteria and emotionalism, will be the only way to end this holocaust. They are cunning with their use of language. We need to learn from them, and take what is necessary to defeat them at their own game.

Suffering Infants Better Off Dead

Newborns Who Suffer are "Better off Dead" - "World's Most Prestigious" Bioethics Journal

In 2005 the world was horrified when it was revealed that in the Netherlands doctors were not only openly admitting that they had killed disabled newborn infants, but that the medical institution was actively promoting child euthanasia through the so-called Groningen Protocol. The protocol - the full name of which is The Groningen Protocol for Euthanasia in Newborns - lays out a set of guidelines that must be followed in making and executing the decision to kill a newborn infant.

The revelation that newborn euthanasia was both common and acceptable in the Netherlands was greeted with harsh criticisms from around the world, with one Italian Minister going to far as to accuse the Netherlands of Nazism. Others expressed their disgust that many of the children who were being euthanized by Dutch doctors were children with Spina Bifida, a condition with which many people have lived well into adulthood and had fulfilling lives.

And this:

As the authors explain, there are three classes of newborns that can be euthanized under the Groningen Protocol, including: 1) Those who have no chance of survival, 2) those who "may survive after a period of intensive treatment but expectations for their future are very grim;" and 3) those "who do not depend on technology for physiologic stability and whose suffering is severe, sustained, and cannot be alleviated."

How sickening there are "doctors" out there who think killing newborns is necessary.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Man Tells Off Wife, Rouses Her From Coma

Dom's stern words managed to penetrate through the near-fatal coma and Yvonne even remembers him making the impassioned speech, admitting that she "never liked getting told off".

Dom held Yvonne's hand and demanded: "You start fighting, don't you dare give up on me now. I've had enough, stop mucking around and start breathing. Come back to me."

Incredibly, just two hours later, she steadily began to start breathing again.

Within five days, they were able to switch her ventilator off, and she regained consciousness for the first time to see Dom standing beside her.

Yvonne said hearing her husband shouting gave her the strength to pull through.

In fact, Yvonne has made such a recovery that she is back running dance classes and looking after her eight-year-old son.

She said: "I can't remember exactly what he said but I never liked getting told off by Dom. Something inside me just clicked and I began to fight again.

My dad did something similar to my uncle in 1991, after he had suffered a massive stroke. The doctors told my dad Uncle J. was gone, they couldn't detect any brain waves, and were taking off life support immediately. Dad told the doctors to leave the room, and told off my uncle. He yelled at him to wake up, otherwise he was going to die. Knowing my dad, I'm sure he was cussing at Uncle J. to get him angry. Sure enough, several hours later he woke from his coma.

My uncle does not remember the stroke, but he hasn't fully recovered and is permanently disabled. Doctors should not be so hasty in making these kinds of life and death decisions. The woman in the article and my uncle are living proof of how wrong they can be.

A Calling To Care

Bethlehem woman inspired by Mother Teresa founds nonprofit to help build wells in Africa.

On Saturday, the missionary from Bethlehem begins a trip that will take her to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, among the 30 least developed countries in the world, according to the United Nations Human Development Report. She said this time she is working with another Catholic charity, Apostles of Jesus, to provide wells for villages in those countries.

Benner said travel to Africa is essential to her vocation -- fundraising is only half the job: ''I feel the biggest part of my mission work is going there and being a witness.''

Recent events such as violent protests in Kenya over a disputed election do not deter Benner.

''This is how I know it is God's will and not my will: There's no fear,'' Benner said. ''When I fly, I am alone. If it were my will, I would be scared to travel into these countries.''

Picture of Holly Benner from 2007:

Praying for her in her quest to provide life to the people of Africa.

Clarification On Georgia Right To Life Bill

The clarification of the problems with HR536 can be found here.

The rest of us in the other 49 states should learn a little about what happened in Georgia. We need to present a united front in our individual states, and not get bogged down in every little detail.

Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts

Book specifically instructs teacher to "avoid" discussing the idea that homosexual inclinations can be changed

At the same time that news has come out that the Toronto Catholic School board has refused to participate in pro-homosexual activities, homosexual activists are making significant inroads in US schools, as a booklet titled, "Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth," is set to be distributed to all 16,000 school districts in the country.

The 24-page booklet by the National Education Association and American Psychological Association, tells students that homosexuality is a "normal expression of human sexuality".

"What's so scary and dogmatic about this report is that it communicates that religious-based viewpoints are harmful, and even dangerous," said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

From the twisted viewpoint of the NEA and the APA, homosexuality is "normal" and religious viewpoints are "harmful and dangerous". We live in the days of what is good is evil and what is evil is good.

I wonder if I called any of the four districts in Monroe county, would they admit they have or are getting this booklet? I'm sure they would all deny it. Another one of the million reasons why I continue to homeschool.

Catholic School Board Refuses to Conduct Survey Meant to Detect "Homophobia"

Article here:

So the proof that the Catholic school system in Toronto is homophobic is the mere refusal to participate in the survey? This is the common cry in the gay "community". Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice (if there was a gay "gene", it would have been found by now).

Their argument is others must be accepting of their choices, hence the "inclusive" curriculum they want to push on unsuspecting children. Homosexuals are called to be celibate, which is also one of their reasons to accuse others of "homophobia". We hate the sin, but love the sinner. That does not mean we condone their behavior, which is clearly part of the culture of death.

British Woman Committed Suicide After Abortion of Twins Over Extreme Grief

According to the pro-death crowd, abortion is supposed to be good for woman. Not so for this woman.

"A British court held a hearing yesterday on a case of a young 30-year-old woman who committed suicide after the abortion of her twin babies. Emma Beck left a suicide note and said she faced such an intense period of grief afterwards and regret over the deaths of the babies that she killed herself "to be with them."

The court heard testimony that Beck asked doctors for help prior to the abortion but that no one was able to meet with her and they gave her the number of a counseling service.

Officials went ahead with the abortion even though she said beforehand that she had second thoughts.

Weeks later, following the abortion, she hung herself at her home."

No one listened to her, and she killed herself. ISTM she was coerced into killing her babies.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grays' Affinity in Pennsylvania

Clinton leads Obama 2-1 among older Democratic voters, poll shows.

Here's the poll itself, conducted by the Morning Call/Muhlenburg College.

It seems this will be the first time Pennsylvania will have a say in the outcome of who the presidential candidate will be.

Polls Show Barack Obama Fares Better With Pro-Life Voters Than Hillary Clinton

This article has me scratching my head.

Is there something in the water in Wisconsin, Virginia, and Iowa? I'm stunned how anyone could make the claim to be pro-life, yet will vote for pro-death candidates. It tells me these people are either not really pro-life, or there is something more sinister going on.

I'm speechless :-(

Wisconsin Exit Polling Data Shows 74% of Republicans Pro-Life on Abortion

Article can be read in full here:

The exit polls found 74 percent of Republican voters in Wisconsin say they are pro-life while just 25 percent say they favor keeping abortions legal.

Looking at the pro-life side, 27 percent say they want all abortions illegal and another 47 percent say they want most abortions illegal.

So, out of the 74% of those who said they are pro-life, 47% of those want most abortions illegal. I'm guessing these people are stating in the cases of rape and incest and ectopic pregnancies abortion should remain as an option.

I hate to say this, but supporting abortion of any kind does not make you pro-life. The death and destruction of innocents is never permissible.

I suggest those who believe it is, watch the following video:

Georgia House Panel Kills Personhood Bill Protecting Unborn on Abortion

"A state legislative committee in Georgia voted 4-3 on Wednesday to kill a personhood bill that would establish legal rights for unborn children starting at conception. The bill had the backing of Georgia Right to Life and numerous state legislators who hoped it could be used to overturn Roe v. Wade.

HR 536 was the “Paramount Right to Life” amendment that would extend constitutional protection to unborn children “from the moment of fertilization without regard to age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency.”

Committee chairman Ed Lindsey ultimately called for tabling the bill after seven hours of debate lasting two days because he was concerned about legal issues resulting from it.

“This proposed constitutional amendment seeks to make a direct attack on Roe v. Wade. In fact, however, the overwhelming evidence is that such an attack through this type of constitutional amendment will in all likelihood fail," he said."

Why not let the bill be voted on? Given the number of hours of debate, it would seem there is interest in the bill.

I would think if such a bill would pass, and abortion is outlawed in Georgia, other states would follow suit by their precedence. It would mean the end of Roe v Wade, with states' rights trumping federal law. This is what the pro-death crowd fears the most.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Self-Sacrifice in the Defense of Life

"Cardinal John Henry Newman pointed out that even if you were the only sinner in the world, Jesus would have undergone His Passion just for you. We are made in the image and likeness of God, redeemed by His blood. Our destiny is to share everlasting happiness with Him in heaven. This dignity belongs to every human being from the moment of conception to natural death. If we fail to appreciate our dignity in the eyes of God, or out of sinful pride reject God in His commandments, then we will begin to evaluate others falsely by wealth, health, prestige, outward appearance, size, stage of development.

Many live as if there was no God or they make themselves like gods or claim rights that belong to God alone — who lives, who dies, interfering with God's plan for procreation through contraception, in-vitro fertilization, abortion, cloning and experimenting on human embryos, euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. We can be tempted to separate ourselves from others, caring only about ourselves and our families alone, with little thought given to eternal life or correcting injustices. But Jesus taught us that we must imitate His humble service. He taught us the way to salvation was to take up our own cross and follow Him.

A true follower of Christ will not be afraid to make sacrifices and even face death. By His death and resurrection, Jesus has taken away the sting of death. Shortly before his own death Pope John Paul II said "We must get used to thinking confidently about the mystery of death so that the definitive encounter with God occurs in a climate of interior peace.""

In my own encounters, I find it very disturbing many Catholics support the above procedures. What they fail to see is that each one of those embryos is another person, no different than the rest of us, and should be allowed to grow and develop.

I've also found the attitude of "it's not my problem" even more disturbing. All these assaults on life are the problem of each and every one of us. People don't become involved until there is some effect on their lives, and by that time it may already be too late.

It won't be long before courts and judges will be the ones to decide who is and is not fit to live, unless we take action now.

Right To Life Bill

Bill introduced by Duncan Hunter last year, defending life.

Sure enough, the bill's intention is to provide equal protection to the unborn. It has 105 co-sponsors.

The bill was introduced on 1/22/07. Why has there been no vote on it, with the number of sponsors? It's time to get this bill moving through congress, and on President Bush's desk to be signed.

Congress Votes Next Week on Allowing Pro-Abortion Groups HIV/AIDS Funding

Article here

Members of Congress have recessed this week to mark Presidents' Day, but one of the first votes on the docket when they return is an intense debate on whether to open international AIDS/HIV funding to pro-abortion groups. Pro-life organizations are asking for calls and emails urging a no vote.

Abortion advocates in Congress have changed the wording of the President's Emergency plan for AIDS Relief to include funding for groups that engage in "reproductive health" and "family planning."

Those are code words international pro-abortion groups use to hide their performance of or support for abortions in other nations.

At the end of the article, it states we should contact our representative in congress and encourage them to vote no on this piece of legislation. I know I will be making that call today.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

False Compassion

False Compassion by Bobby Schindler

This month the sad case of Lauren Richardson made headlines. The similarities between her situation and my sister Terri Schiavo's are striking and deeply disturbing. Lauren suffered a profound brain injury in 2006, leaving her dependent on others for her care. Like Terri, she is not hooked up to machines, is not comatose and is unquestionably very much alive.

As in Terri's case, a judge, based on hearsay evidence that this is Lauren's wish, has decided to err on the side of death and starve and dehydrate this young woman until she dies. The judge is also convinced that Lauren is in the often wrongly diagnosed (and offensively named) condition known as "persistent vegetative state" (PVS). Unfortunately, some in the media have already begun their campaign to justify Lauren's needless and heartless dehydration.For example, recently on the Fox News Channel program "Hannity & Colmes," co-host Alan Colmes incorrectly referred to this brain-injured girl as being "brain dead" — a tactic often used by dehydration supporters in the mainstream media to dehumanize Terri throughout her ordeal.

As was the case with my sister, you will soon undoubtedly see the media drumbeat begin: "Just allow this woman to die," in order to somehow convince the general public that it is "right" to "end this poor woman's suffering." (Never mind the statement's inherent contradiction: if she is truly unconscious, she is not suffering.) However, Lauren is not dying, does not have a terminal disease and her brain injury is not killing her. Just like the estimated tens of thousands of persons in similar conditions, Lauren is only being sustained by the same thing we all need to live — food and water. And there is a loving father willing and wanting to care for his daughter.

Truth About Abortions

Abortion: Legalized Child Sacrifice

How ironic is it that millions of babies are murdered every year in the name of human rights? How is it that we, Americans especially, proudly call ourselves sophisticated and cultured while continuing to worship in the temple of humanism?

Humanism is a god — little "g". It is lustful and insatiable. Humanism is deceptive in its premise and destructive in its course. Humanism is powerful enough to convince you that life is not life, death is not death, and that education and culture make you impervious to both of them. Humanism is a spirit that demands the daily and unrepentant slaughter of innocent lives while simultaneously singing "Kumbaya" and seeking world peace.

If you are pro-choice, you should be crystal clear about one thing, abortion is murder. And, pre-meditated at that. Period. Individuals have spent their respective lifetimes in prison over less. The only difference between you and someone on death row is one thing, the law. I dare you to try and explain pro-choice to a convicted murderer. They will most likely find your argument laughable. I'm sure many of them would love to know how to write a law to justify their unjustifiable behavior. You don't want criminals living among you, but you want to engage in criminal behavior. Not criminal, you say? Oh, legal. Forgive me. Legalized child sacrifice rather than criminal child sacrifice. Like I said, the only difference is that you've got the law on your side.

Eventually, it will change and the law will not be on the side of those who are "pro-choice". Then we will see who ends up in prison for pre-meditated murder.

Study Confirms Estrogen in Water from the Pill Devastating to Fish Populations

This story confirms the pill is damaging to health.

Health authorities estimate that 100 million women worldwide take some form of hormonal contraceptives; but there is still little media attention given to the growing concerns of scientists about its environmental impact. However, studies are leaking out into the mainstream press more frequently as public interest in the environment grows.

The Pill, along with numerous other commonly used chemicals, end up in the water system as estrogen. At a conference on breast cancer in Toronto in 1998, author and cancer surgeon Dr. Susan Love said, "Pollutants are metabolized in our bodies as estrogen. And it is lifetime exposure to estrogen that has increased world cancer rates by 26% since 1980....We live in a toxic soup of chemicals".

Studies are also showing significant evidence for a link between environmental estrogens and estrogen-like chemical pollutants and the earlier onset of puberty in girls.

The phenomenon of early-onset puberty in American girls is so pervasive, that the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society urged changing the definition of abnormal development. Ten years ago, breast development at age 8 was considered abnormally early, but a study in 1997 said that among 17,000 girls in North Carolina, almost half of blacks and 15 percent of whites had begun breast development by age 8. Studies from the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand have shown similar results.

The new definition for abnormally early breast development ought to be, the society says, 7 for white girls and 6 for black girls. Marcia Herman-Giddens, adjunct professor at the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina, said, "My fear is that medical groups could take the data and say 'This is normal. We don't have to worry about it.' My feeling is that it is not normal. It's a response to an abnormal environment."

Former Director of Pro-Abortion "Catholic" Group Backs Barack Obama

Francis Kissling, At It Again

Kissling has written frequently about how the pro-abortion movement needs to re-examine the abortion debate and offer a few concessions while keeping virtually all abortions legal. She says Obama can lead that charge.

"It is not about beating anti-abortion advocates to death; it is about listening to the majority of Americans who believe that abortion should be legal and highly regulated, acknowledging what it is that they are afraid of and making them less afraid," Kissling explained.

"I think Barack Obama is the person who can do that. I deeply believe he is the best hope we have to ending both the abortion wars," she concluded.

The vast majority of young Americans want to see abortion outlawed. She obviously is oblivious to this fact.

The only way to have the abortion war ended is the complete eradication of this barbaric form of murder. Obviously Kissling is not intelligent enough to see that.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Eugenics And Education

Another author who has touched on this subject is John Taylor Gatto. In his book "Underground History of American Education", he talks about arrival of eugenics between 1890 and 1920:

The American Birth Control League1 left no doubt about its plans. Its position, as expressed by Yale psychologist Arnold L. Gesell, was that "society need not wait for perfection of the infant science of eugenics before proceeding upon a course which will prevent renewal of defective protoplasm contaminating the stream of life." Gesell’s The Family and the Nation (1909), a thorough product of the new zeitgeist, advocated "eugenic violence" in dealing with inferiors. According to Gesell, "We must do as with the feebleminded, organize the extinction of the tribe." [emphases added]

IOW, kill those deemed "unfit" by the American Birth Control League.

And this:

The eugenics movement begun by Galton in England was energetically spread to the United States by his followers. Besides destroying lesser breeds (as they were routinely called) by abortion, sterilization, adoption, celibacy, two-job family separations, low-wage rates to dull the zest for life, and, above all, schooling to dull the mind and debase the character, other methods were clinically discussed in journals, including a childlessness which could be induced through easy access to pornography.2 At the same time those deemed inferior were to be turned into eunuchs, Galtonians advocated the notion of breeding a super race.

He also speaks about racial suicide here:

Advocates of Yaleman Gesell’s "eugenic violence" offensive against the underclasses swung from every point on the scientific compass. William McDougall, the eminent social psychologist, announced himself a champion of Nordic superiority; Ellsworth Huntington, prominent Yale geographer, wrote The Character of Races, showing that only one race had any real moral character. Henry Fairfield Osborn, president and founder of the American Museum of Natural History, gave the "Address of Welcome" to the Second International Congress of Eugenics; Osborn’s close friend Lothrop Stoddard wrote The Revolt Against Civilization: Menace of the Underman; and psychologist James McKeen Cattell, a force in the rise of standardized testing, wrote to Galton, "We are following in America your advice and example."

The famous humanitarian anthropologist Alfred L. Kroeber remarked acidly to a newsman that anti-eugenic protests came only from the "orthodoxly religious," rarely from the enlightened camp of science. So there it was. Keep them all in mind: Kroeber, Gesell, Ripley, McDougall, Huntington, Osborn, great scientific humanist names whose work underscored how important a role forced schooling was designed to play. Scientific studies had shown conclusively that extending the duration and intensity of schooling caused sharp declines in fertility—and sterility in many. Part of school’s stealth curriculum would be a steady expansion of its reach throughout the century.

Do we not see this happening today in schools? How many of our public schools across the country have become nothing more than PP centers? This all ties together very neatly for the pro-death crowd.

I have to say when I first read JTG's book, I was more than a little angry. He doesn't intentionally want people to become angry, just to wake up to what is going on. Many parents in the 1940's and 1950's were vilified for placing their children in Catholic schools. The same thing is being done to those who homeschool. Two very positive ways to keep their children out of the hands of the pro-death lobby.

I also have to say that not a single person has successfully refuted any of his facts. That is telling in and of itself.