Friday, February 22, 2008

Man Tells Off Wife, Rouses Her From Coma

Dom's stern words managed to penetrate through the near-fatal coma and Yvonne even remembers him making the impassioned speech, admitting that she "never liked getting told off".

Dom held Yvonne's hand and demanded: "You start fighting, don't you dare give up on me now. I've had enough, stop mucking around and start breathing. Come back to me."

Incredibly, just two hours later, she steadily began to start breathing again.

Within five days, they were able to switch her ventilator off, and she regained consciousness for the first time to see Dom standing beside her.

Yvonne said hearing her husband shouting gave her the strength to pull through.

In fact, Yvonne has made such a recovery that she is back running dance classes and looking after her eight-year-old son.

She said: "I can't remember exactly what he said but I never liked getting told off by Dom. Something inside me just clicked and I began to fight again.

My dad did something similar to my uncle in 1991, after he had suffered a massive stroke. The doctors told my dad Uncle J. was gone, they couldn't detect any brain waves, and were taking off life support immediately. Dad told the doctors to leave the room, and told off my uncle. He yelled at him to wake up, otherwise he was going to die. Knowing my dad, I'm sure he was cussing at Uncle J. to get him angry. Sure enough, several hours later he woke from his coma.

My uncle does not remember the stroke, but he hasn't fully recovered and is permanently disabled. Doctors should not be so hasty in making these kinds of life and death decisions. The woman in the article and my uncle are living proof of how wrong they can be.