Friday, February 15, 2008

Commentary: Planned Parenthood Turns St. Valentine's Day into 'National Condom Day'

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February 14 is one of the most romantic days out of the year. For those who celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, red roses and chocolates are usually the most popular gifts given and received. The history behind this day can be traced back to Christian and ancient Roman traditions. It is a day of love.

However, there are others in this country that make it into a holiday that has nothing to do with love. Planned Parenthood has perverted the meaning of love and is using this day to celebrate what it calls "National Condom Day."

Planned Parenthood not only promotes "National Condom Day," but it also uses this time of year to declare a "National Condom Week" and a "National Condom Month." It turns romantic St. Valentine's Day into an entire month pushing its birth control products, abortions and sick, anti-life, anti-family agenda.

One example of this is what Planned Parenthood calls a "must-have fashion accessory." This accessory is a condom. Planned Parenthood celebrates promiscuity by promoting its birth control products and going as far as naming this condom brand, "Proper Attire ™: Required for Entry." How much more repulsive can Planned Parenthood get!

Unfortunately, you can expect such distasteful things from an organization that will do anything to make a profit. In 2006, Planned Parenthood had a total clinic income of over $340 million and a profit of $55 million. It's a business after all - a baby-killing business that lures its customers with sexual products like condoms.

The last sentence in the quote above is all that needs to be said.

The worst part is every single taxpayer in this country is funding this murderous machine.