Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Former Director of Pro-Abortion "Catholic" Group Backs Barack Obama

Francis Kissling, At It Again

Kissling has written frequently about how the pro-abortion movement needs to re-examine the abortion debate and offer a few concessions while keeping virtually all abortions legal. She says Obama can lead that charge.

"It is not about beating anti-abortion advocates to death; it is about listening to the majority of Americans who believe that abortion should be legal and highly regulated, acknowledging what it is that they are afraid of and making them less afraid," Kissling explained.

"I think Barack Obama is the person who can do that. I deeply believe he is the best hope we have to ending both the abortion wars," she concluded.

The vast majority of young Americans want to see abortion outlawed. She obviously is oblivious to this fact.

The only way to have the abortion war ended is the complete eradication of this barbaric form of murder. Obviously Kissling is not intelligent enough to see that.