Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wisconsin Exit Polling Data Shows 74% of Republicans Pro-Life on Abortion

Article can be read in full here:

The exit polls found 74 percent of Republican voters in Wisconsin say they are pro-life while just 25 percent say they favor keeping abortions legal.

Looking at the pro-life side, 27 percent say they want all abortions illegal and another 47 percent say they want most abortions illegal.

So, out of the 74% of those who said they are pro-life, 47% of those want most abortions illegal. I'm guessing these people are stating in the cases of rape and incest and ectopic pregnancies abortion should remain as an option.

I hate to say this, but supporting abortion of any kind does not make you pro-life. The death and destruction of innocents is never permissible.

I suggest those who believe it is, watch the following video: