Friday, February 22, 2008

British Woman Committed Suicide After Abortion of Twins Over Extreme Grief

According to the pro-death crowd, abortion is supposed to be good for woman. Not so for this woman.

"A British court held a hearing yesterday on a case of a young 30-year-old woman who committed suicide after the abortion of her twin babies. Emma Beck left a suicide note and said she faced such an intense period of grief afterwards and regret over the deaths of the babies that she killed herself "to be with them."

The court heard testimony that Beck asked doctors for help prior to the abortion but that no one was able to meet with her and they gave her the number of a counseling service.

Officials went ahead with the abortion even though she said beforehand that she had second thoughts.

Weeks later, following the abortion, she hung herself at her home."

No one listened to her, and she killed herself. ISTM she was coerced into killing her babies.