Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When Parents Become Executioners

This part of the article stood out for me:

Abortion is currently protected by positive law. It shouldn’t be. It is against the Natural Law that can be known by all and is binding upon all. These extreme cases present us an opportunity to seriously reflect on what we have allowed to happen. The intentional killing of children in the womb is simply wrong and we all know it. Roe v Wade must go.

Then there is the other sticky issue.

Who gets to decide whether children in the womb live or die? Not the child. They are relegated to the status of property to be disposed of when inconvenient.

Have we turned Parents into executioners?

On the one hand, parents are permitted to kill their own children with the consent of the state. If the parent allows that same child to live, the parent had better not try to indoctrinate that child in their beliefs, otherwise the long arm of "cps" will step in.

The child is property of the parent if they wish the child dead; once the child is born, he/she becomes the property of the state. How sick and twisted is that logic :-(