Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Barack Obama: My Pro-Abortion Position Doesn't Make Me Less Christian

The usual lies and spin, coming from the mouth of the leading Democratic candidate:

Senator Barack Obama spoke at Hocking College in Ohio on Sunday and continued to peddle the message that his pro-abortion position isn't at odds with Biblical values. He said his view that abortions should be legal without any limits and funded with taxpayer dollars does not make him "less Christian."

Obama has come under strong condemnation from pro-life groups because he not only supports abortion but has repeatedly attempted to justify it as compatible with Christian views.

"I think that the bottom line is that in the end, I think women, in consultation with their pastors, and their doctors, and their family, are in a better position to make these decisions than some bureaucrat in Washington," Obama said, according to a WTAP-TV report. "That's my view."

"Again, I respect people who may disagree, but I certainly don't think it makes me less Christian. Okay," the Democratic presidential candidate added.

Yes, it does make you less Christian. In fact, it means you're not Christian at all. Real Christians do not support or condone the murder of innocents. Obama is a fraud in the Christian world, regardless of denomination.