Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Activists Defend Barack Obama's Vote Against Victims of Botched Abortions

In a recent editorial at the pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check, activist Dana Goldstein writes about a "conservative smear campaign" highlighting Obama's radical pro-abortion position.

Goldstein says the "anti-Obama strategy" is based on Obama's votes against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

That's the measure that helps babies who are victims of botched abortions or left to die without any medical treatment following intentional premature births, otherwise known as induced-birth or live-birth abortions.

Goldstein applauds Obama for voting against the bill, when a federal version passed in the U.S. Senate on a unanimous vote with the support of pro-life and pro-abortion lawmakers.

"It is to Barack Obama's credit that, as an Illinois state senator, he voted against BAIPA twice, and then, as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee in 2003, prevented it from advancing to the floor," she writes.

Telling the truth is NOT a smear campaign. Only in the eyes of the dishonest pro-death crowd would the truth be called a lie.

Remember Dana Goldstein, that the blood of all those dead babies is on your hands for supporting someone even further to the left of NARAL.