Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Parental Notification Law Invalid

This is a victory for PP and those who want to subvert parental rights.

Courts continue to prevent the enforcement of a 1995 parental notification law on abortion as a federal judge has issued a decision refusing to life an injunction on it. The lack of a parental involvement law has encouraged teenagers in cities in neighboring states, such as St. Louis, to go across the border for secret abortions.

The law had been on hold since the legislature passed it in 1995 because the state Supreme Court hadn't approved the administrative rules for it.

Abortion advocates had filed a lawsuit against the notification requirement to block parents from knowing about their teen's abortion decision until the rules were completed.

So let's get this straight: adults who are strangers can take teens to abortion clinics without parental consent and have an invasive procedure performed on these girls, and the parents have no say, all because of some "abuse" clause that wasn't implemented. Isn't it reasonable to assume those adults taking the teens to get an abortion are the ones committing the abuse? I guess parents are the only ones capable of abuse /sarcasm/