Thursday, March 27, 2008

Far Left UK Teachers' Union Calls for Abolition of Religious Schools

So a left-wing radical want to eliminate religious schools

At their Manchester conference this week, the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the largest teachers' union in the UK, have called for the abolition of single-faith schools and for clergy of every religion to be brought into classrooms. At this weekend's NUT conference in Manchester, the union said that continuing to support schools of individual religions was "unjust and unsustainable" and would undermine race relations. The NUT, Britain's largest and most influential teachers' union, continues to lead the extreme left wing in Britain's teaching professions.

Under the NUT proposal, schools should bring in imams, rabbis and priests to mollify parental demands for religious instruction in schools but specifically in order to prevent the establishment of new single-faith schools. Reflecting a government instruction that no religious or moral values should be taught to students as though they are objectively true, the NUT proposals would see all schools become "multi-faith" institutions in which no one religion is presented as true. Schools moreover should be stripped of their powers to control their own admissions and select pupils according to their faith.

I thought being liberal meant accepting all faiths? Oh, that's right - if it's against what they believe, religion must be eradicated.

Does anyone else notice the acronym for this wacko organization is NUT? How appropriate ;-)