Friday, March 28, 2008

Hospice Deaths Suspicious

Sanctuary Hospice House in Tupelo, Kansas is under investigation over suspicious deaths.

Willie Bennett said her mother and brother-in-law died at the hospice.

Bennett said her mother's death was attributed to heart failure, but she believes medications administered at the hospice, including morphine, brought on death.

She would not discuss the death of her brother-in-law due to the pending investigation.

But the story she told about her mother's death -- allegedly heavy doses of morphine and a rapid demise -- is eerily similar to the experience another family described.

Rebecca A. Dilliard, of Eatonton, Ga., said investigators with the attorney general's office told her family that the hospice killed her mother.

"They had proof -- 100 percent -- that they killed our mother," said Dillard.

This is probably not the only hospice in the US giving large doses of medication to patients to hasten their death. There should be widespread investigations of all hospices/nursing homes, to be certain the patients aren't being murdered.

Given the apathy on the part of the staff of a certain local nursing home towards their patients, I would say overdosing those in their care is very common.