Thursday, April 3, 2008

PP Accepts More Racist Donations

A second report from a student-run magazine at UCLA finds more Planned Parenthood abortion businesses accepting overtly racist donations. After the first report showed a Planned Parenthood in Idaho accepting money from someone who wanted to reduce the number of black babies, centers in Oklahoma and New Mexico followed suit.

The Advocate magazine told on Wednesday that it released another video exposing the racist attitudes at the nation's largest abortion business.

Posing as a donor, UCLA law student James O’Keefe called facilities in Oklahoma and New Mexico and asked to make a donation specifically to be use to kill African-American unborn children.

The abortion center staff are more than happy to accommodate his request, with one Planned Parenthood employee saying, "for whatever reason, we'll accept the money."

Should anyone be surprised?

Video of part II of their investigation:

Of course the outrage will come from those "offended" by the people offering such donations, not against PP. How stupid.